Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving Gift

Jacob had a school performance for Thanksgiving. This was his first performance and I was so excited to see how he would react and how he would perform. We practiced the songs and talked about standing on stage with people watching. 
Jake's first stage appearance! 
(Second from the left) 
He did great! Well, he didn't cry! He didn't sing at all but he did clap for himself with everyone else! :) 

I wanted to do something nice for his teachers as a thank you for their hard work. Jacob loves his teachers! He talks about them all the time and they appear to adore him! I saw a cute idea on Toddler Approved. I wanted to do a version of this for Jake's preschool teachers. I picked up a couple jars from Target and we put together a pretty cute gift!
I started by showing Jake the picture online. Then we made the turkey face on the jar. I asked him to color the feathers for the turkey. As he was doing that we talked about school and what he loved about his school.  The first thing he said were his teachers. So I wrote on the circular top of the jar, "I am thankful for... You!" Then I wrote on each leaf another thing he likes about school. I thought it was very sweet! And they turned out pretty cute!

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