Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Color Practice

We have been practicing colors for quite some time now. I have color posters I purchased at a teacher store. We have used those as interactive props. Each month I use the posters but try to use them in a different way to make them new and exciting. 
This month I chose to use What Color is the Present? coloring pages from 1+1+1=1. (An awesome website and resource for working with children! Check it out if you have never been there!!)
I cut the cards to separate them and pulled two out for the first day. I grabbed a purple crayon and showed Jake the card. I had him color the present and then find the purple poster to match the purple present. We then taped the present card to the poster.
By taping the presents on the posters the activity became interactive. We were able to make connections and take coloring a step further. Next I had him do the same thing for orange.
This is a good way to incorporate our monthly theme (Christmas) and building color skills. Jacob is an active toddler, by having him color standing up and then walk over and tape the pictures on the posters he can stay engaged. Making the connections with colors will aid in his knowledge of colors and hopefully help him remember the color names. We will continue to use the Present Cards to color and practice our colors this month. 

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