Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October Story Board

As outlined in the October Plans we are working on identifying the parts of a face. To practice this skill I decided to make a pumpkin and a scarecrow for the Story Board
I used felt that I had around the house to make a pumpkin and shapes to create a Jack O' Lantern. 
For the scarecrow I glued the hair to the face to eliminate a step. I want Jake to focus on the facial features and I thought the hair would be too much. I also glued the pupil to the green eye, once again to eliminate a step. 
We worked on this skill today and to say it was precious is an understatement! I started with the pumpkin and put each piece on one at a time while saying the name of the feature while I placed it on the pumpkin face. After I put all the pieces on, Jacob gave the pumpkin a huge smile and then kissed it! (This boy is a lover! So stinkin' cute!!) After I did the same for the scarecrow he clapped and kissed it! I then took the pieces off leaving only the pumpkin and asked Jake to put his eyes on. He did not quite understand so I showed him again slowly and talking my way through the process. 
I anticipate that with continued practice he will learn the parts of the face for the pumpkin, scarecrow and hopefully himself. He can identify my facial features but does not seem to realize the items on his own face.  :) 
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