Monday, September 6, 2010

Flannel Boards

A Flannel, Felt or Story Board is a common tool used in preschools and kindergartens to tell a story. This is an excellent tool to use with children before/as they learn to write. (Or in my case talk) It allows kids to tell a story using important story elements while playing. 

Definition: a flannel-covered surface to which other flannel pieces, as lettersof the alphabet, numbersetc., adhere merely by contact, used mainly in schools as a visual aid.

You can find these boards in many stores and online. Or you can make one for a lot less money. I found a sturdy cork board without a frame for $9.99 on sale for 40% off at Joann's. I did not know what I was looking for when I went into Joann's but just looked around until I found what I thought could work. I then went over to the fabric section and picked out a 1/2 yard of a pale blue flannel. I covered the cork board with the flannel using a staple gun. The whole project took 5 minutes and cost less than $10! 

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