Sunday, September 26, 2010

Apple Printing

Today I pulled out the paint for the first time. I tried to use nap time as a prep time to get everything ready so there would be no surprises when we started. (I should have known better!)
I wanted to stamp the apple in both red and green because we see both colors in our Structured Play time. I wanted to do the stamping in our Structured Play area even though I was worried that maybe paint might get everywhere. To prepare I pulled out a piece of poster board that I had on hand as a safe guard. I thought I would keep the paint away from Jake and just pull it over when it was time to stamp. (Ha!)  
I did the first two to model the process and he did the third. Looks great right? He really enjoyed it too! Then decided that he needed to get up and move around and as he stood-up he put his hand into my stamps. Then turned and put his hand on the wall. (Of course!) 
Then I wanted to do the green stamping before he lost too much interest. When he saw me squeeze out the green paint and use the paint brush to spread it on the paper plate, he lost interest in the stamping and NEEDED that paint brush! 
 I let him have it and he proceeded to paint the poster board, carpet, socks and paper. He loved painting! (Note to self) 
We did manage to get a few green apples stamped before the room was a total disaster and he lost interest.
Overall the project was great fun, especially for him! So next time what will I do differently? I believe I will get a clear, plastic shower curtain and put that down on the carpet. I was able to get the paint up, (water based, washable paint!) but I was running around with a baby wipe like a crazy person. I could put him in a highchair but I want him to be in our Structured Play area. Plus I think he has more fun being able to move around, even if it drives me nuts! :)

The next step it for me, I want to take Jake's stamped apples and frame them in some way. Update to come! 

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