Monday, September 20, 2010

The Apple Orchard

We took a trip to the Apple Orchard on Saturday afternoon. It was so much fun! I was really excited to see Jake make some connections from our Structured Play time. 
Jake practically jumped out of the wagon trying to get the 'balls'. He was very excited to find the apples and place them in the basket. 
Although there were apples on the ground he appeared to know that there were apples to pick in the trees. I can only hope this was from our Story Board time with '5 Little Apples'. 
He placed most apples in the basket but of course had to take a bite or two to taste test the apples.
Unknowingly, Tennessee does not have any red apples this year. I guess between the spring flood and the extraordinary heat the only apples that have survived were yellow delicious. I was happy to find these, though, most nearby orchards were closed completely. Plus these were sweet and scrumptious! 

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