Friday, October 22, 2010


Hopefully your child loves music as much as mine! We are by no means a musical family but Jacob has loved music from the beginning. Now I have to admit I was not the mom who played music to her belly, did not have music playing while I delivered, nor did I listen to music besides while in the car. But some how my little man loves music anyway! 
It did not take me long to find out that singing to my man calmed him right down. The best part is his favorite song, the song that ALWAYS calms him down, is The ABCs! How funny for a teacher's son to love the ABCs! I really do not know why he loves this song, but one afternoon we were driving home from a doctor's appointment and he was screaming, as usual. (My boy is the only baby in the world that hates the car, I am convinced!) I was singing every song I could think of to keep him calm when, out of pure desperation, the alphabet popped into my head and sure enough the little guy calmed right down. It has been a favorite since that day! (I know funny!) 
You do not have to be a musician or a music teacher to infuse music into the lives of your children. First and foremost, play music and do it often. It does not need to just be children's music. In addition to listening to music it is important to make your own music. That can be you singing, shaking a rattle, or banging on a pan. Children do not know that the pie pan is not a drum. Have 'instruments' for them to play and get down and play them as well. 
In*stru*ment: a contrivance or apparatus for producing musical sounds
The kitchen is a great place to find instruments; grab a wooden spoon and a pot. Pie pans are especially good instruments. For infants place the pie pans at their kicking feet to help them make their own sounds even if they lack the motor skills to hold a spoon. 
In our selection of musical instruments we have a big round tin. This was a 'gift' from a neighborhood boyscout selling popcorn. We received this big tin and I knew it was a perfect drum! We have quite a few shakers, bells, a keyboard and our newest addition; a xylophone. We found the xylophone at World Market. They had quite a nice selection of inexpensive instruments. Our music bin is getting full we are having a great time making all kinds of noise! :)
My sweet Jacob is the only person alive who loves my singing so I will sing and sing loud as long as I am appreciated!

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  1. Dropping in from Sunday Best Meme- I totally agree- sing loud and sing proud- adorable post!


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