Monday, October 4, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

I wanted to head to the Pumpkin Patch early this month because I found the Apple Orchard so rewarding in terms of a learning experience. I wanted to ensure that Jacob understood that pumpkins grew from he ground and can be eaten as well.
We headed out on a cool Sunday afternoon. There was a nice crowd out and we love that because Jake is notorious for people watching!! When we went out into the pick your own field we quickly found that Jake once again thought we were searching for balls! (What can I say he is all boy and his world revolves around balls!) 
The field was hard for him to maneuver because of all the vines. They grow quite large for a 13 month old to walk though. 
Jake quickly found the pumpkin he wanted. Although he could not quite pick it up, it surely did not stop him from trying. 
We picked a few and then found a more perfect one that had been picked previously by farm staff. What a great experience! Plus I could not believe how much less the pumpkins were there than at a farmers market and the grocery store! 
I did read an interesting blog post about preserving pumpkins for longer periods of time. I like to keep pumpkins around through Thanksgiving, although we will be making a Jack O' Lantern, I do want to keep others as long as possible. The article said to rum Vaseline on the pumpkins and then buff off. It helps preserve because the Vaseline keeps the pumpkin from 'breathing' and kills mold growth. We shall see... But it at the very least makes them prettier with a little shine!  
Happy picking!

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