Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Dramatic Play- Pumpkin Bread, YUM!

After our successful Pumpkin Dramatic Play in the kitchen I knew we had to do more! I pureed the rest of the roasted pumpkin and froze it in baggies of a cup serving. Today, on this cool- rainy day,  I decided pumpkin bread would totally hit the spot. 
With Jacob on his stool we got started. He was so excited to 'help' that things got a little fast pace. He was vigorously stirring the dry ingredients as I added them. Once we turned the mixer on Jake was in heaven! He loved the sound of the motor and watching the mix go around and around. 
I wasn't able to get many pictures as we went along because I needed all my hands! Jake sure did enjoy himself and he was saying mmmmmmm the entire time. He still does not quite understanding the concept of cook time! But we were able to make it through the hour it took to bake the bread with a few distraction techniques. 
And when we finally enjoyed the bread, boy was it worth it! I think he would have eaten the whole loaf if I would have let him! (I would have too, if I let myself!)
 Another fun day in the kitchen!

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