Monday, October 11, 2010

Unifix Cubes are Fun!

One of the activities this month is a game using unifix cubes. (Plans found here) Unifix cubes are linking blocks that can be found at most teacher stores. For this activity you could use any kind of block or even ball. I used the unifix cubes because I had them on hand (thanks to my teaching days) and because I wanted something that we had not used before. I also knew that if I used balls they would be thrown and the game would be missed!
I placed the cubes, separated, in the lid of an egg carton. I chose Halloween colors but that did not make a difference for the game. I modeled the concept for Jake a couple of days before he 'got' it. 
This is a photograph of me modeling it to Jacob. He added the pig finger puppet. Next he was able to help me place the pieces in each egg space. When he eventually did it on his own he did not separate the colors but that was not the point of the game. He was able to put the cubes in the spaces and I consider that success! We will continue to play this game and he should continue to make progress and maybe just maybe we will get to separating colors, but if not hand-eye coordination and the following directions is enough! 

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