Monday, June 18, 2012

Rainbow Fish Activity

We read the sequel to Rainbow Fish, by Marcus Pfister called Rainbow Fish to the Rescue. This is a great story that teaches a lesson as well. Our goal in reading this was to make connections and to do some arts and crafts.
To prep for this activity I cut out some fish and "dots" from a hole punch. I also added some aluminum foil "dots."
Jake picked up his supplies right away and got busy! He loves gluing so he had no problem gluing the fish down on the paper. Next came decorating the fish with the colored dots.
The dots were a little hard for him but he did not lose his patience. It is good for activities to be just a little hard for children. It helps stretch them and to teach them patience as well!
He then placed one foil dot on each fish. (The shiny part of the fish in the story) I had thought that that is where the activity would end but Jacob had another idea. He decided we needed to add a shark because the story had a shark. I quickly cut one out of paper for Jake to glue down. He also decided we needed some sea plants growing at the bottom of the sea. 
Get crafty!

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