Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Counting Fish

Ten Little Fish by Audrey and Bruce Wood, is a fun counting book! It fits in perfectly with our theme this month! I made number cards to go along with the book. You can find these attached to the Monthly Theme Plans.
After reading the story, I pulled the cards one at a time and talked with Jake about the number and how many fish they represented. In my teaching career I found that so many children could recognize numbers/digits but did not have number sense and did not know the value of digits. My attempt with Jake is to really teach number sense. 
Next I mixed up the cards 0-5. I then asked Jake to find the number I called out. He did great finding each number card without difficulty. I was so surprised that he did so well I decided to take it just a little further. After asking him to find 3, I asked how he knew that was the number three. (I wanted to see if he was using the fish to help identify the digits). He said, "Don't you see? One, two, three fishies." I guess I can take that as him using the fish to help identify numbers! :)
I pulled only 0-5 because I did not want it to seem to daunting to him. I will do this activity again this month and add some digits to the first 6 for number identification. 

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