Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Today we did a little in house fishing! This is a great coordination activity. I tied a string with a magnet on the end to a stick. We used those as the fishing poles (one for both of us). I then cut fish out of foam. I drew faces and scales on the fish. I just clipped a paper clip to one end to provide the metal. 
I put these faux wood mats down for both of us. We each had our own and they represented our boats. We stood on our boats and fished over the side. 
Jake had to really try to catch a fish. He had to dangle the "fishing rod" over the fish in just the right spot. He tried to bend down and use his hands but I told him he could not do it that way. And he quickly figured it out. 
He caught all his fish and we counted them before throwing them back in. As we caught the fish a second time we named the color of the fish we were catching.
This activity then took a step further and we "cooked" up our fish and ate them up. This was so much fun! We really enjoyed the fishing activity and it naturally took an educational turn by counting fish, naming colors, and role playing what fisherman do once they catch the fish. 
The activity was super easy to put together. I had the foam on hand from the Dollar Tree, sticks were picked up outside, the yard and paper clips I had on hand and the magnets I picked up at Staples. Make some fishing pools for your little one!

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