Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June Sensory Box

Water Box!
This month's Sensory Box is filled with water! How fun! I cut out fish and sharks from foam and sponges. I also put in blue marbles (Fish food), a net, bowl, and magnifying glass. 
Jake was so happy to play in the water. He caught fish with the net and stuck them to the side of the box. I encouraged him to count the fish and he did so willingly. He is a great little counter! He did the same thing with the "fish food". 
For the Sensory Boxes I just sit back and watch. I let him do his thing and explore unprompted. Some times he will ask me to play with him. He never really needs inspiration or modeling with the Sensory Boxes at this point. When I started introducing them once a month I did model and prompt him but at this stage he does not need it. 
He still loves pouring! I will bring out the Sensory Box at least once a week this month, more if he asks for it!
*Note: I have the box on our island counter top. Last year I did a water box on the carpet. I just put a towel under the box. 


  1. Now I love this. This would be great for a warm day outside with my daughter. She would get the water all over.

  2. We love sensory bins. The one you've created looks like a fun one.

  3. This is great. my little girl would love this. I love how you cut shapes out of sponges- great idea! Im totally going to pin this and do it with my little girl this week. Thanks!

  4. Love your posts... I kinda stalk your blog LOL... I think this is a wonderful idea, I think it would be even more awesome if there was also those little balls that you put in water and they grow...They are really squishy and slippery looking and look like it would be a lot of fun to watch a little one play with them.


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