Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Name Recognition

So when prepping for this month's activities I accidentally printed the plans 3 times. I hate to waste so I needed to find something to do with the extra copies. I decided to do some name recognition with the shells letters. I cut out the letters of Jacob's name from all three copies. Today, I put them all down in front of him and told him we were going to find the letters in his name and spell out his name with the shells. I did not have a paper for him with his name as a reference but I did model for him what I wanted him to do. 
After I put together his name once, he jumped right in. I discouraged him from putting the letters together out of order. Previously I let him do that with the other activities but now that I know he knows his letter it is not about letter recognition but rather name recognition so I want him to put it together in order. 

After we put the name together three times I decided to switch it up (he had the skill). This time I mixed the letters all up and put them upside down. I played a variation of Memory or Concentration with the cards. Instead of looking for matches I had him look for the next letter of his name. We played together taking turns and building his name all three times again. When it was my turn I pretended to question/not know whether it was the correct letter to come next in his name. I let him tell me if it was correct or if I had to put it back. This was a very easy version of Memory because there were only 5 letters repeated. It allowed for success and enough of a practice to help build skills.

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