Thursday, May 26, 2011

Puzzle Play

A portion of our Structured Play time is spent assembling puzzles. Jake has never shown a huge interest in puzzles, he enjoys playing with the pieces but not putting the pieces in their spots. I decided to get a new puzzle to hopefully spark his interest even more!
Jacob is all boy! He loves anything with a motor, wheels or that is a tool! I knew this Melissa and Doug  puzzle with cars and trucks would spark his interest! And boy was I right (love that!). He put this puzzle together over and over for about 30 minutes!
After introducing the new puzzle I made sure to discuss each car or truck pointing out details on the vehicle. Then after we dumped the puzzle Jake was able to look at the pieces and figure out where they went. He made connections to each vehicle which is important to literacy development, vocabulary and the obvious hand-eye coordination.

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