Monday, May 23, 2011


Today we spent some time working with numbers. Jake has never shown much of an interest in wanting to count with me. We have an i-pad with counting games and he will play that but never counts out-loud with the program. I knew I wanted to make counting fun to get him interested. I wanted to introduce the digits with the counting so that he could start to recognize numbers as well. I glued wooden painted flowers to Popsicle sticks and wrote numbers one through 3 as well as adding one, two and three dots. I used an egg carton to hold the sticks. (I was plaining on painting it but didn't get that far)
After reading Kipper's book of Numbers by Mick Inkpen, I showed Jake the flowers. I let him pick them up and put them back. I then pointed out the numerals and dots on the flowers. We practiced counting the flowers and putting them in the correct location. I showed Jake that he should read the numerals in the middle of the flower and then look for the matching numeral on the egg carton. He did great with this! I even got him to count out-loud with me!
Next I took the three flowers and placed them behind my back. I pulled one out at a time and handed it to Jake to put it back in the egg carton in the correct order. Above- he is pointing at the 3 in the middle of the flower.
He was able to put all three back in the correct locations. We will continue to work on counting. He can say one, two and three but does not like to count!?! Because he is not showing interest in numbers and counting I wanted this activity to be a success so I kept it at 3 numbers as to not overwhelm him. 
(Notice the construction hat? He is all about being a "worker"!) 

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