Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Arts and Crafts

Today we did arts and crafts! This is the first time that I introduced glue to Jake. I showed him how to glue using a glue stick. He was quite excited! We started by reading, The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle. I let him play in the sensory box while I read. He looked at the pictures and stayed engaged while still playing. 
I was prepared before we started with all the pieces cut out. We turned to the page pictured above to use as a reference. I started by putting each piece where it should go on the paper so Jacob knew what the picture would look like and how to put it together. 
 Next, I showed him how to use the glue stick. He got a kick out of this! I had him feel the glue so that he understood that it was sticky and that was what made it stick.
He did a great job putting it all together and even said, "Oooh!" After it was all finished.
I chose colors that mimicked the flower in the book. He pointed at the book while we were putting together the picture whenever I asked where the next piece belonged. He enjoyed this new experience so much that when we were finished he still wanted to glue! I improvised and grabbed some papers he had recently free painted. I cut out shapes and had him glue them down. 
Then, I pulled out our shapes puzzle and we practiced saying our shapes. I asked, "Where is the square?" and Jake would point to the square on his paper and put the square piece in its place.

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  1. GLue sticks are great for little ones aren't they - just right for their hands. Thanks for sharing with us again at the Play Academy :)


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