Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May Sensory Box (inside option)

Our Sensory Box for this month is designed to reiterate our flower theme. I used black beans as the base then added small ceramic pots, plastic bugs, flowers, a shovel, wooden watering can, and a bug catching net. 
We used the shovel to scoop the 'dirt' (beans) into the pots then planted the flowers. After planting the flowers we have to water them!
We can then use the bug catcher to pick up some of the bugs scattered throughout the tub. 
This is a mess free option for inside. We have an outdoor option that I will share in another post. I feel it is important to make play a real world experience and as spring and summer approach there is no reason for us not to be outside as much as possible! With a cold and rainy week ahead we will be using the inside sensory box! 

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