Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dramatic Play: Flower Cookies

I love playing in the kitchen with my son. I guess it is because I remember doing the same thing with my mother. Seeing him learn life-skills at such a young age shows me that this will be skills he uses for the rest of his life!
He loves kitchen tools especially the ones that have motors. We put the ingredients together and started mixing. I make sure to explain what the ingredients add to the cookies, ie: sugar makes them sweet. I also name and explain the tools we are using and why. 
 The problem started when we took the bowl out of the mixing stand. Jake stole a little taste! Once he had that taste in his mouth he wanted more!
That is when the tears started! And they did not stop! The entire time we rolled the dough, cut the flower shapes, and put the cookies in the oven, he cried! I couldn't get him to stop so while the cookies cooked, he napped!

Take Two
After nap (and lunch) we iced and sprinkled the cookies. This went much better although we did not get very far before SOMEONE needed a sample!
What was that 3 cookies in? :)

He loved adding sprinkles.

After it is all said and done we enjoyed ourselves even after the tears! And we enjoyed a cookie!

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