Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dramatic Play- Apple Orchard

Today we set up an apple orchard in our playroom. We took the apple cards we have and placed them around the room. Jacob then grabbed a couple baskets and his dump truck tractor. 
Then we got busy being "farmers." We went apple picking and loaded up the back of the tractor. 
Next, on the farm we fed the animals. Jake said that farmers must feed the animals and since we were apple farmers the animals eat apples! ;) 
We went on to do some plowing of the fields and planting seeds. I asked what we were planting and Jake told me we were planting crops! He has learned all about farms from books and field trips. I let him lead the play and only suggest when his seems to be losing interest. I want Jake to learn to extend play and stick to a game for a longer time. This will help him pretend and play by himself and with others friends. It is an important skill to be able to do. And will actually help in creative thinking, writing, and creating. 

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