Monday, September 10, 2012

Alphabet Practice

On our wall at home we have the alphabet letters stretched out. We have a pointer that I have Jacob use to point at the letters and sing the ABCs! This makes it interactive, gets him moving and helps connect the visual of each letter with it's name. I use the letters on the wall not just as decoration but to practice singing as well. My hope is that he will see the letters while playing and it will just be more print exposure. (This is our playroom)
After he sings and points I ask him to identify random letters as I call them out. I would say he has about a 80% mastery level for the letters as of now. The best way I have found for him to learn to identify the letters is to put a word to them. The first ones he could identify were M and D- Mommy and Daddy. He was actually so young he didn't know or wouldn't say the letter but point to D and say dada. 
Next we put together an alphabet puzzle for more practice. This puzzle is great! It has a little town scene in the middle and all the letters around the middle with a person/career that fit together along the outside. It is a great puzzle for alphabet practice. 
Jacob sings the song to find which letter is next but it is great practice for him! He loves looking at the different careers and talking about what those "workers" do. I feel this puzzle is good practice in identifying the letters and connecting the letters with a word!


  1. Please please please...I must know where you got those letters from. I love them and I still love your blog! It is so inspiring and informative! Thank you and my son thanks you too.

    1. Aw, thank you!! I made the letters myself. I saw something similar on Pinterest so I figured it out for us. I bought flat canvases from Michael's Craft Store. I then Modge Podged pages from an old book on to the canvases. Lastly, I glued post-it note letters onto the canvases. I didn't love the color of the letters so I used a distress ink pad to darken them up. For the large J I used a big canvas and painted the J. I stuck them to the wall using the Command sticky velcro pieces. It was a fun project!


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