Monday, September 10, 2012

Apples in a Basket

For our number practice we took a pile of apple cards and five bowls (could not find baskets to suit my need). I printed the numerals 1-5 and set them in front of the bowls. Next I had Jacob put apple cards into the bowls. One apple for each number. This made him have to recognize the number and then count out the apples. 
The numbers were in order so it wasn't too difficult. He was able to identify the numbers and correctly count out the apples. After he did the task I had him take out all the apples and line them up to count. 
There were 15 apples which was perfect for him to have to count because he can successfully count to 13 on his own. This works out because it is just above his level. He will count without frustration but still be pushed to a level above where he is performing. As the month continues we will add bowls/baskets and apples to continue the practice. 

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