Sunday, September 9, 2012

Apple Printing

We decided to do a little art project to start our first week plans. I grabbed two apples, some paint and a paper bag. I used a paper bag because of the texture. It helps with the stamping of the apples.
I cut the apples opposite directions showing Jake the seed pods and how if you cut them horizontally or vertically you get different results. I asked him what the seed pods looked like on the apples. His response was unexpected! He said the first apple pod above looked like a moon and the second looked like a flower. I was so happy I asked him before telling him what I thought it looked like. I always have said/thought the second apple looked like a star.
I put some paint on a plate and demonstrated to Jake how to use the apple as a stamp. He went right to work. He did have some difficulty picking up the apple after it was in the paint but he figured it out and did not want help!
He really liked the stamping process. I suggested that he draw on some stems and leaves but he was more interested in the stamping so I let him be.

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