Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sight Word Book- 5 year old

One of the activities we are doing this summer with my big boy (5 year old), is a sight word book (Pre-K, Kindergarten) in preparation for kindergarten. I bought this printable book on Teachers Pay Teachers. This is a great site where teachers provide the work they have done either for free or a small amount. 
Once you buy the printable you print and have the child cut and glue the pages into a notebook. This is a great resource because it builds not only sight word recognition but also gives them an opportunity to cut, glue and color.
And write! This is the first sight word and the first two pages. I worked with Jacob to put it all together in hopes that next time he will know how to do it himself. I did not nit-pick, this time, for a number of reasons; I want him to feel sucess so it it not a fight every time we do it, I want him to see grown with cutting, coloring and writing skills as the summer continues, and I want him to see that it might not look his best next time so he starts noticing his own ability. I try to teach the boys that their brain is a muscle that needs exercise to grow. They need to try hard to be "smart," it is not something they were born with. I am starting with a word a week and hope to move to a word (2 pages) a day.

This book was well worth the $7.50 it cost and I am sure we will work our way through this summer. I do not like to use a lot of printables (paper/pencils) but sometimes you need to. When this is the case I am so happy that hardworking teachers share their excellent work! Thanks to Jill Bell for all her resources! 

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