Monday, June 1, 2015

Color Sorting- 22 months

I set three color buckets out for Jack (22 months). We sorted color cards into the buckets. This was his first time trying this activity so I worked with him and was very slow and deliberate with my words. I pointed to the color on the bucket and to the color on the picture card. I kept repeating "match." 
Although I have many color buckets, I only started with 3 as to not 
overwhelm. I would pick a card, say the picture, then say the color. I read an article on toddlers learning vocabulary and a key take away was to make the last word, the most important word they are learning. So we were learning/practicing colors, the color needed to be the last word. (Not typical in English language.) 
"Jack you have a duck. Duck is yellow. Find the bucket, yellow, where is yellow?" All the while pointing to the duck and then the yellow bucket being careful to articulate yellow. 

There were about 4 cards in each bucket. The entire activity lasted aproximently 10 minutes. I put the buckets away after we were finished so he does not play with them as his toys so the next time he knows what they are used for and how to play with them. (Although we will do different activities with them from time to time. 

Buckets came from Target's dollar section. Color cards were printed from Home School Creation. You can find the link here: 

Comment and/or share pictures to our Facebook page if you try this activity or one similar! Have fun! 

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