Thursday, June 4, 2015

Alphabet Practice- 3 year old

We practiced letter identification. Joey knows his letters by singing them but we are working on identifying them. I laid out cards with shells and letters. I started by modeling singing "A" then finding the A. He jumped right in and as we worked I gave him silly identifers. Joey is my silly dude so by telling him B has two bubblers- one in the mouth and one in the belly, he will laugh and remember the letter. I just made things up as I went. Some letters he knows others he confuses.
We made it all the way through the alphabet without him losing patience or getting distracted. That is totally readiness on his part. I have tried similar activities awith him and he just wasn't ready. Happy that at 3 1/2, he is ready now! 
By the way his favorite letter clue is Q. Q is an O sticking his tongue out! 😛

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