Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pumpkin Roll- Number Recognition

I found this fun Pumpkin Roll activity at Young & Lively Kindergarten. I printed it off and grabbed one of our large die. I had Jake roll throw the die and count the dots. He then had to color the corresponding digit on the pumpkins. He really enjoyed completing this activity. His coloring is not a scribble mess but rather his coloring. I was kind of frustrated with his coloring until I recently saw a little 3 year old girl coloring the exact same way. I am sure there are 3 year olds that have better motor skill control and better coloring but this is Jake filling in the entire pumpkin, to the best of his ability and attempting to stay in the lines. He really tries to take his time and stay in the lines but this is what happens. It is just what he is capable of at his ability. 

As far as the number recognition goes, he totally surprised me! He new all digits, 1-6, without any assistance  We have worked on letters but I was not sure of his mastery. Today I know, he has mastery of recognition of digits 1-6!! Now I have to work out an activity to see how much mastery he has for higher digits as well. I love when an activity proves to be an assessment as well! 

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