Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Candy Corn Craft

Today we sampled a little candy corn for the first time then made a big piece of candy corn! I cut out the shape of a candy corn on a black piece of construction paper. Next we ripped construction paper in white, orange and yellow. Jake loved ripping up the paper. He thought it was fun after I initially showed him how.
I then drew lines on the black paper to separate the sections and covered one section with glue. Jake knew what to do and got busy filling it up. I made sure to tell him to fill the space completely so that there was no black showing through. I showed him the candy again and asked if he saw any black. This helped him understand what completely covered looked like.
He did one section at a time and filled the section pretty well. We had motivation with a view pieces of candy corn!
This is a cute little project and by ripping the paper it makes it a little different and really fun!

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