Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October's Sensory Box

This month I threw in some beans as a base, little pumpkins, puff balls, cups, unifix cubes, flowers and some leaves. For the first time in 2 years, Jake showed  no interest in the Sensory Box. He didn't want to play in there even when I sat and explored. I think he has out grown the box or at the very least needs a break from it.
But the good news is Joey has stepped right in! He really enjoyed the box for the first time. He has just turned 1 year old so he is just the age when I started Structured Play for Jake. Jake and Joey are completely different kids and it is fun to see! Jake never made a total mess out of the box but let me tell you Joey had a great time throwing those beans as far as he could. Ugh, it was a total mess. BUT, it is part of the learning process. I cannot take away the box and say, "nope you aren't ready!" Instead I need to teach him how to use the box.
He did take some time to explore in a more delicate way. He picked up some items and looked them over. He thought the pumpkins were balls and enjoyed throwing them. Funny thing was, Jake (when he was 1) thought they were for eating and his little teeth marks are still in them. It is a picture of their differences right there!  

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