Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mama and Baby Matching

Today we did a little more matching. This time we used Counting Coconut's Mama and Baby Cards. Again, I printed these last year and reused them for this month's activities. These cards are great for so many different reasons; you can obviously match the mama and baby, you can discuss the name of the animals and babies, and you can discuss how the mama and baby look the same and different.
We started by matching them, that was the easy part. Funny though, last year it was like pulling teeth to get Jacob to do this activity and this year he is so into it! This is an important reminder not to push your child to do too much Structured Play time but rather do some but wait until they are ready for more. It will come! 
This time around we spent a lot of time talking about the baby's name. He does not know the names of many of the baby animals. We talked about how the names were funny in some cases, (goat/kid) and looked carefully at the similarities and differences. These cards are great for all ages. Counting Coconuts is an amazing resource with many more printables check them out! 

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