Thursday, July 12, 2012

Frog Story Board

I pulled out the Story Board for this month's theme. I made my Story Board with felt. Then I cut the pieces out of felt as well. You can purchase some really cool Story Boards and "Story Pieces" but they are pricey so I just make my own.
This Story Board activity includes a frog, pond, log, lily pad, and cattails. I modeled what I wanted Jake to do then let him take over. AND boy did he!
I said, "Freddy the Frog went to jump on a log and, splash, he fell into the pond." As I recited the little poem I moved the frog around on the felt board. Jake took over doing the same a few times and then added on to our story. (That is the idea!)
While playing he asked me where the frog's friends were. I said I didn't know so he went and pulled out some of his toys to befriend the frog. He decided the frog and the pond were on a farm. So he pulled his farmer and animals out. The cows drank from the pond and went for a little swim. 
This activity became so involved, I had no idea where it would go. He ended up pulling all his animals out and they did a jumping game. Jake wanted to see who could jump as high as the frog. It was super cute and really fun. 
The purpose of Story Boards are to build reading skills. It is a pre-reading activity. Children are to retell a story using the pieces of the board. It helps with comprehension and recognizing story elements. It also helps with writing skills. For Jake it became a playing prop, which was fine! I was really impressed with where he took it! Totally all his ideas too! Lesson to me, be flexible with expectations because it can turn into more than you ever expect!

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