Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Letter of the Week C- Day 4

C is for Caterpillar
Today we started with The Caterpillow Fight by Sam McBratney. This is a fun little story with many, many Cs in it! It was a great way to practice C is for Caterpillar. 
Next, Jacob practiced making circles using a caterpillar to trace from. He is not great at following lines, fine motor skill, which is a skill that will come with development. He becomes slightly frustrated but I just tell him to take his time and do his best. I do not try to correct him at all or tell him what to do after the initial directions are given. He does the best he can and a good attitude goes along way!
His focus and concentration are evident. He loves making circles! I don't know why but he loves circles! We use the dry erase crayons. These are the best! I laminate the paper and Jake can use these crayons over and over on the laminated sheet.
 Lastly, he used a bingo dotter to make the upper and lower case Cs. This is a great way to practice letter recognition for a young toddler. They can be successful making the letter without the needed coordination. He loves using these dotters as well. 

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